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If you click on the PS between parentheses, you will get the PostScript version. The size of the corresponding compressed file is indicated in each case. The HTML3 link points to a HTML3 DTD version of the document. You will need a browser like Arena in order to view them profitably, although the non-mathematical part is all right with Netscape of MS Explorer.

Ariadne (ARIADNE PS 90 kbytes)
Simulation of QCD Cascades
Shortwrups (HTML, PS 455 kbytes, 416 pages)
CERN Computer Library Short Write-ups
COMIS (PS 146 kbytes), (PS compressed 60 kbytes)
Compilation and Interpretation System
CSPACK (PS 82 kbytes), HTML3
Client-Server routines and utilities
EPIO (PS 54 kbytes), HTML3
Experimental Physics Input Output Package
FATMEN (PS 289 kbytes), HTML3
Distributed File and Tape Management System
FFREAD (PS 20 kbytes), HTML3
Format Free Input Processing
FRITIOF (PS only 250 kbytes)
Event generator for interactions between hadrons and nuclei
GEANT (PS 1.74 Mbytes, PDF 2.5 Mbytes), HTML3
Detector Description and Simulation Tool
Overview of supported graphics packages
GKS Utils
GRVIEW, GRCONV and GRPLOT Metafile Utilities
GKS and GKS-3D at CERN
GKS/GKS-3D Primer
HBOOK (PS 480 kbytes, PDF 974 kbytes), HTML3
A histogramming package
HEPDB (PS 162 kbytes), HTML3
Distributed database management system
HIGZ (PS 1.88 Mbytes)
HIGZ and HPLOT Graphics packages
INSTALL (PS 144 kbytes), HTML3
Installation guide for CERNLIB
JETSET (T. Sjostrand's Web page), JETSET (Russian translation) (PS 1.05 Mbytes)
Physics, Manual and updates
KUIP (PS 744 kbytes)
Short overview of KUIP
LEPTO (PS 97 kbytes)
The Lund Monte Carlo for Deep Inelastic Lepton-Nucleon Scattering
Principal components analysis program
MINUIT (PS 460 kbytes), (PS compressed 158 kbytes)
Minimization package
PAW home, PAW reference (PS 1.46 Mbytes)
Physics Analysis Workstation
Nucleon, Pion and Photon Parton Density Functions and alpha(s) calculations
PYTHIA (T. Sjostrand's Web page), PYTHIA (Russian translation) (PS 1.05 Mbytes)
Physics, Manual and updates
VAXTAP (PS 81 kbytes), HTML3
VAX/VMS Tape Handling Package
ZEBRA (PS 436 kbytes)
A data structure management package

Old Long Writeups (scanned from originals)

It is advisable to view the PDF version and print from Acroread (you might otherwise encounter difficulties with the PostScript version and GhostScript). Be aware also that the files contain bitmaps of scanned page images and can be quite large (and thus can take a long time to transfer over a slow connection).

MP Users Guide (Multiple Precision Floating Point Arithmetic)
RIWIAD (Adaptive Multidimensional Monte-Carlo Integration)
DIVON4 (Multidimensional Integration or Random Number Generation)
EPDE 1 (Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equation - Potential problems)
Use of Fast Fourier Transforms for solving Partial Differential Equations in Physics
LEAMAX (Constrained Non-Linear Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood Estimation)
An Approach to Fast Fourier Transform
FFTRC (Real and Complex Fast Fourier Transform)
MUDIFI (Multi-Dimensional Fit Program)
LINTRA (Principal Component Analysis Program)
M101, M103, M107
FLPSOR, INTSOR, SORTZV, KEYSORT (sorting routines)
ZBOOK (User Guide and Reference Manual)
FLOP User's Guide and Reference Manual
MAGNET (Two-Dimensional Magnetic Fields including Saturation)
POISCR (Solution of Poisson's or Laplace's Equation in Two-Dimensional Regions)
GRAPH (Finding all Compatible Node-Sets in an Incompatibility Graph)
W151, also CERN Yellow Report 80-4.
TRANSPORT: a computer program for designing charged particle beam transport systems.
A more recent version Third Order Transport with MAD input: A computer Program for designing Charged Particle Beam Transport Systems exists, see the general current README, as well as the manual FERMILAB-Pub-98/310, which is available direct from FNAL (PDF, 1.55 Mbytes), or as a local CERN copy
PHOTOS - A universal Monte Carlo for QED radiative corrections (versions 2.0)>
FOWL - a General Monte-Carlo Phase Space Program
GUIDE 7 - A general program for evaluating the properties of scintillation and cerenkov counter optical systems
Fitting a Magnetic Field from Boundary Observations in Cylindrical Coordinates
GEANE - Average Tracking and Error Propagation Package
IOPACK - IBM-dependent input/output package
KAPACK - Random Access I/O Using Keywords

Fortran 90 Tutorial

A Fortran 90 tutorial (HTML or PS [36 kbytes]) by Michael Metcalf based on his series of articles in the CERN Computer Newsletter.

LHC++ software

LHC++ (PS 2.3 Mb) (PS compressed 1.08 Mb)
C++ Libraries for HEP

Commercial and other software

CMZ (PS of user guide 233 kbytes, PS of reference card 28 kbytes)
A Source Code Management System
Usage of NAG products at CERN
P5 Release (PS 52 kbytes)
Release of Patchy version 5
P5 Reference (PS 113 kbytes)
Patchy 5 Reference Manual

CN/IT Preprints

CN 95-17
Marching Cubes 33: Construction of Topologically Correct Isosurfaces by Evgeni V. Chernyaev

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