G106: Gamma Distribution

Author(s): K.S. Kölbig Library: MATHLIB
Submitter: Submitted: 01.05.1990
Language: Fortran Revised: 15.03.1993

Function subprogram GAMDIS calculates the gamma distribution function (incomplete gamma function)


for real arguments tex2html_wrap_inline90 and a > 0.


FUNCTION subprogram
User Entry Name: GAMDIS
Files Referenced: Unit 6
External References: GAMMA, ALGAMA, MTLMTR, ABEND


In any arithmetic expression,

GAMDIS(X,A) has the value tex2html_wrap_inline94 ,

where GAMDIS, X and A are of type REAL.


The method is described in Ref. 1.


Approximately six digits are correct.

Error handling:

Error G106.1: tex2html_wrap_inline96 or tex2html_wrap_inline98 .
Error G106.2: Difficulties of convergence (unlikely).
The function value is set equal to zero, and a message is written on Unit 6, unless subroutine MTLSET (N002) has been called.


  1. For greater accuracy, or for the case tex2html_wrap_inline100 , use GAPNC (C334). Note, however, that in this case the arguments X and A must be interchanged.
  2. Note that, for integer tex2html_wrap_inline102 , tex2html_wrap_inline104 , where PROB (G100) is the upper tail probability of the chi-squared distribution function. PROB (G100) is faster than GAMDIS (G106) in this case.

This subprogram is based on a Fortran program for the incomplete gamma functions published in Ref. 2.


  1. W. Gautschi, A computational procedure for incomplete gamma functions, ACM Trans. Math. Software 5 (1979) 466-481.
  2. W. Gautschi,Algorithm 542, Incomplete gamma functions, Collected Algorithms from CACM (1979).

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